Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yay Cricket again, I happily said to myself. On the second week of school room 17 went to their first lesson. Our mentors were Robin and Hammond from Auckland Cricket and on our last week we had another guy come in, called Chris.

On the weeks they came they taught us how to do a power shot, it is called the Front foot drive. They also taught us another shot called the attacking shot. On our second to last week Hammond told us that he was leaving so we were kind of sad but then he told us that someone else is coming so that mad us a bit happy again.

“Today we are going to practice some bowling” the new guy instructed. At first we didn’t know his name then he told us what it was. His name was Jamie. So we got started. First we had to choose a partner, then practice bowling. While room 17 were bowling to each other we had to try and hit a cone that had been placed in front of us. Then we got split up into two teams called the Aces and the Hearts followed by a cool game named Tower.

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