Friday, March 4, 2011

Mufti Day

Today is A Mufti Day it is for the people in Christchurch that have died. A Mufti day is a day when you come to school in any clothes you want. I like Mufti days because I don't have to find my school uniform in the morning.

When I arrived at school I was nervous because I was just wearing normal clothes. Anyway when I was walking into the entrance I saw my friend Logan. I asked him if he had any money because I did I had three dollars and he had four dollar.

When the first bell rang I ran to class to go on my netbook and I was playing games. I was playing Extreme Tux Racing it is a cool racing game. All you do is slide around on your belly.


  1. Hi Kingston

    Having a school Mufti Day was a great idea. The money raised was for a good cause. Every little bit counts. I laughed when you said that you like Mufti days because you don't have to find your school uniform in the morning. I look forward to reading your next post.

    Mum xx

  2. That school uniform must really elude you in the morning - have you tried putting it out in the evening before you go to bed so it doesn't escape and become hard to find in the morning?
    See if you can begin you recounts without the time reference first Kingston. I see that you say 'Today...' 'In the weekend...' 'Last week...' as your first sentences. If you can put that information about when the event happened later in the sentence or the intro paragraph you will be able to start with a more captivating beginning.
    Did you know we raised about $800 in our school to help the Christchurch schools? Didn't we do well!


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