Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Am I ?

Today in extension we were playing a game called What am I? First Mrs Tele'a put a sticky paper on our foreheads and all of them had something on them. We all asked each other some questions and the answer could only be yes or no untill we found out what they were. My paper said TV Presenter.

If I have this job I think I would probably need to speak well and have good expresion in my talking. Another thing I think I will need is good english and to make sure my words are flowing.


  1. Hi Kingston,
    What an awesome game! What sort of questions did you ask that lead you to guessing that you had "TV presenter" on your forehead? Wouldn't that be a great career to have? I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    God bless xox

  2. Hi Kingston

    I agree that this is an awesome game because it must have forced you to think about the type of questions you needed to ask to find out the answer. Becoming a TV Presenter would be quite exciting because then everyone would see you on TV! Which would you prefer? To become a TV presenter or a rugby player?



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