Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blues vs Chiefs

 “Go Auckland Blues!" On Saturday the 3rd of June, 85 kids from Pt England school got given the opportunity to watch the Blues and Chiefs play each other live at North Harbour Stadium. Our school was kindly given 85 free tickets to the game by Telecom.

Anyway I was the 80th person to take my permission slip into the office. “Phew!” Luckily I didn’t miss out! That would of been a bummer. The teacher who organised everything was Mr Jacobsen, and he said “if you’re not at school by 6:15pm on Saturday night then someone else is taking your seat”.

As our two buses (provided by Telecom) arrived at North Harbour Stadium on Saturday night, Mr Jacobsen had to calm all the kids down because we were all filled with excitement. We headed into the stadium with the rest of the crowd and found our seats on level three. Finally the siren went off to start the first half of the game. The Blues and Chiefs were neck and neck throughout most of this half.

At half time every single kid got given a free punnet of hot chips from Telecom. When I received my chips I was happy and then got hooked back into the game. When the second half hit, the Chiefs were on a roll to score their next try. I was getting worried because it looked like the Blues couldn’t hold the Chiefs off for much longer. Soon they broke through their line and scored. The end of this game was heartbreaking to watch because the Blues came so close to winning, but in the end they just missed out. The final score was 41-34 to the Chiefs.

When the game had ended, and we headed back to school, my friends and I kept thinking about how close the Auckland Blues came to winning against the Chiefs. Anyway, thanks to Telecom for providing the opportunity for so many kids to go to watch the game live. We wouldn’t of gone if it wasn’t for Telecom.


  1. Malo Kingston! Thanks for posting this. I've been so keen to read something about the big trip on Saturday night. Reading your post has definitely given me a clear picture of how the night was. I like how you have written about the progress of the game as well as what was going on for you and the other 84 PES children. It's great that you have acknowledged the team at Telecom who provided the tickets, bus and even hot chips for you all on Saturday! Keep up the good writing Kingston. Thanks for keeping us well informed.
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hey Kingston,
    What a cool story about the Blues and Chiefs game. What a bummer I couldn't go to the game. If next time we get the opportunity again and you write about it I'm going to read it.



  3. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi Kingston

    I really like your post about the Blues and the Chiefs. Lucky you didn't miss the bus or else someone will take your seat. Keep up the good work! and Go the Chiefs!!!


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