Monday, June 18, 2012

My Favourite Place In The School

Last week room 18 have been given the task to take photos of their favourite place in the school. Then we have to sketch and paint them in a particular style.

”Oh man what am I going to choose”. I had a hard time trying to pick where my favourite place was. There were heaps of places to choose from like the Fields, the Breeze and the drinking fountains. “ This one is the best!” At the end of all my deciding The Street stood out the most for me.

The Street is my favourite place in the school, because I like to hang out there everyday. The Street is a little building in our school that the senior classes are in ( A.K.A the senior block). My last reason why I like the Street, is because if it wasn’t there all the older kids (including me) will have to be surrounded by the little kids classes.

After we take our photos we have to sketch them in a style of an artist. Anyway We are sketching our photo’s because Pt. England School is having an Art gallery. Thinking of what my work will look like I reckon it will probably sell for at least $10.

Since our Pt england school Art gallery is next week my class is sketching this whole week. If you are reading this post, you should come to our gallery because you never know you might find something you like.


  1. Hi Kingston,

    I like hanging out in the street as well. The place that I have chosen was the courts. I also think that the photo that you picked was a great picture as well. Keep up the great work

  2. Hi Kingston,

    I think that the street is an awesome special place because you can talk to your mates while eating your lunch. I really like how you have put your ideas of special places in your writing.If you keep this good writing up you will do good during the year :).

  3. I think that street is an awesome special place becuse you can talk to your mates.


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