Tuesday, April 16, 2013


“Oh now I don’t want to do the Triathlon”. A Triathlon is a competition that has three different sports. First you swim,bike and last you have to run. My friends Waata and James wanted to have a race to see how could finish the course first. two classes did it at the same time. Room 20 (my class) did it with room 15.

The first time we went through the course It was sort of tiring. I was racing with james from the bikes to the end. James and I crossed the finish line and waited for waata to finish. We all got ready for the next round. I wanted to beat james and Waata.

“Are you ready to lose”, I said. The second round didn’t go as planned. Waata and James just beat me, but at least I tried my best. The Triathlon was actually pretty cool, I like riding on the bike because I haven’t ridden a bike in ages.

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