Monday, April 8, 2013

Derelict House

“Wow look at that crusty old house.” Daney said. Broken tiles, rusty roofing, gutters hanging, dead wood was all we could see. “Far this house is UGLY.” I replied.“Yeah this house looks like it needs to go”!!! replied Kris. “hahaha, Yeah I agree.”

“ I bet you don’t have guts to go inside” said Kris. “Bey come on then let’s both go inside” proudly said Daney. The abandoned house looked pretty scary, to the boys, the house looked like it hadn't had an owner in ages. The grass was nearly knee-high and the house looked like it had been painted 30 years ago.                            

Slowly walking inside we saw a big layer of cobwebs. A rotten smell greeted us into the house, followed by other nasty smells. The creaking wood frightened us as we walked further and further into the darkness. “Oh man lets get out of here, nah,Kris I know you're scared but lets  just stay for a bit longer ok”.

“Hey what’s that over there?” said Daney. “It looks like a treasure chest or something valuable”. As we get closer and closer to our target, we hear a little rustle in the corner that frightens us. As quickly as we could, we try to open the treasure chest but it is sealed shut,”We need a key to open it”whispered Daney. “Ok lets take it home before midnight, lets get out of here A.S.A.P”!!!

The next day the Daney and Kris decided to go back to the scary old house. They searched and searched for the key but it wasn’t anywhere in sight. Just thinking about what was inside that chest made them more motivated to find the key. “Hey Daney come here I think this is it, I think I found the key”. They boys rushed home like they were going to miss the bus or something.

“I want to open it, no I am”, the boys were fighting over who was going to open the chest. Not long after their mum came to their room to see what all the ruckus was about. She opened the door and glanced over to the boys and saw the big chest, she could not believe it.

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  1. Neat story Kingston. I thought that you used a lot of descriptive vocab in your writing. Keep up the good work.

    Mum x


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