Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Test Writing

“Hey Jack have you seen my phone?” Dad anxiously said. Jack is twelve, he has one younger brother, one older sister and parents. If it is a hot day this family is always out doing cool and exciting activities.

On a cold wet day Jack’s family decided to stay inside and watch a family movie. They had a fire going, warm blankets, and of course snacks. As soon as the extremely loud movie started everyone snuggled up together to keep warm.

Half way through the movie dad realised something else had magically disappeared. It was an unusual experience for the family. Dad stopped the movie,”Thats it I am not going to play this movie until some explains why things are missing!” Dad was very furious.

We don’t know why dads phone and glasses have gone missing, so we get off our butts and start searching the area. Jack checks the sitting room, his older sister Skyla checks her and the parents rooms, while mum and dad wait for the things to return. “Here they are!” yelled Jack. Kristopher (youngest of the family) has just secretly hidden them in the kitchen.

After all of that searching the family finally go back to watch the movie together. Even though it was quite a mystery for the family to find the missing things, at least the day turned out fine!

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