Monday, July 15, 2013

Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 has been an exciting term for me because of all the sports that were on.  One of our school Rugby teams (Intermediate open weight team) won the Eastern Zone Tournament and then went on to the Auckland Champs. This term our school has been successful in sport.

I enjoyed using my netbook during class. I think it is a better way to help me learn instead of waiting for my teacher to explain our next task. The last few days of the term were cool because my class had a shared lunch, and my teacher let us have free time. This term the topic was MHKR (My Healthy Kitchen Rules). All the kids in the intermediate block had the opportunity to make sandwiches at school. First we planned our sandwich, then we made them, and finally we let some other people taste them.
The best part of school for me was playtime and lunchtime. This is because I played touch with my mates. The year 7&8 block had a Fun run which was 5km long in distance. I accomplished my goal by completing the course. I am a House-Captain for Te Arawa (Red) and in term 3 the whole school will be having a cross country run. Hopefully I will be much fitter by the time it happens. This term has been cool, but next term will probably be even better!

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  1. HI Kingston

    Well done for accomplishing your goal which was to complete the 5km Fun Run. I am very proud of you. Only a few more months until your time at Pt England will come to an end and you will be preparing for college. Make the most of your opportunities and continue to be a good boy. Love you son, you make me very proud.

    Mum xx


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