Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pacific Rim

Have you heard of a new movie called ‘Pacific Rim’? Well on Thursday my dad, older brother and I went and watched it at the Hoyts cinema in Sylvia Park.

“Lets go, we’re going to miss the movie”, I said as I walked out the back door. I was so excited to watch the movie, BUT my only doubt was that we might have missed the movie. We were actually supposed to go to Manukau to watch the movie but traffic was moving like a snail so our plans changed. We arrived at the Sylvia Park Mall at 5:30 and the movie started at 5:40.

As soon as my dad paid for our tickets my brother and I collected our snacks and went into Cinema 7. The movie started and two men appeared on the screen. They were brothers getting ready for a mission. They had to fight this big monster but one of the brothers died. Over the years their country was getting destroyed and wrecked by these enormous monsters called Kaiju. It took many years but the humans found out a way to fight back, they created monster of their own. Their monster were huge robots, a bit like Transformers but these ones needed two people to control it. The two people were located in the head where they could see everything and control the body.

The movie carried on but it was set 5 years later, and it got really interesting. The brother that survived in the beginning had a new partner and she was just qualified to control a robot. There were 4 different robots that protected their country a Russian one, a Chinese one, an Australian one, and an American one. Their mission was to protect the town from three Kaiju from attacking a town nearby. The Russian and Chinese ones ended up getting killed so the American one took on all three a ripped them to bits.

I have tried to explain the movie in the best way possible but it is too hard because the movie is too extreme. Anyway if you have the time and your parents are willing to take you, then you should watch the movie for yourself!  

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