Monday, July 8, 2013

Shack And The Beanstalk (Narrative)

Once upon a time there was a boy named Shack who lived with his mum. They lived in the far side of the forest in a tiny cottage. Shack was an only child and ever since his dad left them they became a very poor family. The only thing they had besides themselves, was their cow. “Shack, my boy go take our cow to the town square and trade it for something valuable” Shacks mum demanded.

As soon as Shack arrived at the town, a strange old monk approached him. Shack did not know what he wanted but the monk still walked towards him. The monk carried beans in his hands. He said “take these beans because these holy beans are special”. The monk colored liked away while repeating the words “ Beware the power, beware the power , Beware the power.In a blink of an eye the monk was gone with Shack’s cow. Shack did not care about the cow anymore he was thinking of how his mum is going to kill him. When Shack reached home he thought of an excuse to tell his mum.

Later that night Shack had a visitor at his house. She was the princess of the town, but she was trying to escape from prince Jeremy . A lightning bolt struck near Shack’s house. The impact was so hard it made him drop his beans. He saw that the beans fell into a glass of water, then vines grew out of the tiny beans. Shack stepped back slowly as the green long vines thickened and grew. Shack noticed it grew higher and higher. The huge vine then crashed through the clouds and led to the sky. As they grew a vine reached out and pulled them up sky high.

Shack and the princess found themselves stuck at the top of vine. The vine let them go and they landed on a big white cloud. Peering through the mist of the clouds Shack managed to make out a shape of a village up ahead. They headed to the village where hobbits was laughing and playing. Suddenly, one of the hobbits spotted them and screamed out “Giants!!!” Shrieking with fright, the hobbits scurried back into their underground burrows.

to be continued...

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