Monday, June 6, 2011

Ambassadors Star In The Courier

Have you looked at the East & Bays Courier for last week Friday? Well if you did you would have seen me on the front page, sitting on a stage with three kids behind me speaking.
This article is about how me and seven others from my school were guest speakers at a conference in Wellington

My aunty rang my dad and told him that I was on the front page of the newspaper. As soon as my family heard that news from my aunty, they were so proud of me that they couldn’t wait to get their paper. Every 10 minutes my dad kept on going outside to see if the paper had arrived.

Suddenly he came back inside with one piece of paper in his hands and it was the front page of the newspaper. He started telling my mum that he found it on the ground soaked in water so when he had brought it in I hung it up to dry it. The quality wasn’t good so we all took a drive down to the Panmure Library and my dad sent my brother in to get a couple of copies of the paper.


  1. I'm glad you got a dry copy of the paper. How fantastic to have your conference appearance written up by a journalist for a newspaper.
    Are you going to frame the photo?

  2. Hey Kingston ! I was so excited when I saw that article too. I am so peased you have posted it here on your blog. My family have all been looking at it too. I love the way you went to the library to get more copies. I have two copies and it doesn't even have my photo in it!!

    Well done

    Mrs Burt

  3. Hi Miss Garden and Mrs Burt

    Thank you for the comments. I don't think I am going to frame it because I can't find it.


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