Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am making movies 2 !

Last week on Sunday some kids represented our school by entering the I am making movies 2, and they went down to the Museum for the Awards. I went with them because my mum was a part of representing our school.

As soon as we arrived at the Museum we went straight inside because it was raining and cold. A few minutes later we were getting ready to go into the elevators but there was a huge line so we had to wait a while. Not long after we were in the big room where the awards were, we were sitting on our chairs waiting for the it to start.

Just to let you know the hosts were Charlie of What Now and Sheryl of Outrageous Fortune. Anyway as soon as our school saw their movies they were happy because they won lots of the categories. When I saw their movies I was amazed because I thought that they were awesome compared to the other school’s one’s.

In the end my mum’s class won the SUPREME award so they received a digital video camera. I am so lucky that my mum took me because me and two other kids got to take a picture with Sheryl and Charlie.

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  1. Hi Kingston

    Great post. The awards night at the Auckland Museum was amazing. Pt England did very well to take home some awards. You were so lucky to have your photo taken with a couple of NZ celebrities. Well done.


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