Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme Makeover Courtyard Edition!

In room 17 we have been redesigning our courtyard.

(Picnic Tables)

So far I want to have Picnic Tables in our Courtyard. I have chosen to put some on the grass area, because I think it will be a cool place for some kids to eat on and hang out. We have done some research on the Internet about Picnic Tables and found out that they are to expensive to buy.

(Sun Shades)
I also want to have some Sun Shades on top of the Picnic Tables. I think it will be good for the summer time. I searched it up on the Internet and so far I can't find anything.

(Smooth Concrete)
We also want to have smooth concrete in our Courtyard. We want this so we can have nice and smooth ground instead of rough ground. So far I haven't gather any information about concrete.

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  1. Hi Kingston

    I like your design plan. It would be a good idea to have some picnic tables and sun shades, especially when its summertime. The girls in your class have done a fantastic job selling muffins and cup cakes to fund raise for this project. Well done!


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