Wednesday, June 1, 2011

20 Hour Famine

the 27th of May Pt England had a 20 Hour Famine, it was for the people in East Timor. The whole point of doing this was to fund raise money for the people in East Timor. It was also to help them so they can have clean food and water to drink and eat.
So far I have fun raised $74 so that means I have helped the people in East Timor. Anyway While we were doing the Famine we could only eat Barley sugars and drink Just Juice. We started at 12am the day before and ended at 8am, so it was a very good experience for me and my friends.

The next day it was my Birthday so everyone who did the Famine sang Happy Birthday to me and I felt special. So when I went home I went to get some breakfast. GO THE YELLOW TEAM!


  1. Go Kingston! Go the famine team! I am very proud of you and our school team who took part in the 20 hour famine. Its a worthy cause and when you are older you will understand why taking part in something like this is really important. You guys might actually be saving lives or at least making other children's lives more bearable in another part of the world.


  2. Good for you Kingston. Thanks for being in the Famine team again. You are one very reliable team member who always works hard at fund raising. I hope that your yellow team work as hard as you have at collecting. You are helping in a big way. Keep up the good posting Kingston. Malo!


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