Friday, August 10, 2012

Level 1... Beep!

“Beep... Oh no, I knew this was going to be a bad way to end the day. Last week Room 18 did the Beep Test I did not look forward to it.

When I started jogging to the first line, I already knew that I was going to pull out near level two or three. After a few minutes jogging I was starting to die out but I managed to carry on. it was tiring because it went level 1 stage 1 to stage 8.

As I got around level 2 stage 5 I was really feeling tired but I was trying to push myself. I was out of breath and had no choice but to pull out. I pulled out at level 3 stage 1 And I was disappointed because I wanted to get to Level 4.

I didn’t like doing the Beep Test but I guess it is good exercise. Even though I didn’t reach the level I wanted to reach I still enjoyed doing the Beep Test, and next time I am going to try to achieve my goal!

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