Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lunch At My Auntie's house... Here we come!

Oh man I am so excited, I said to myself. Last week my family and I went to my aunt's new house for lunch. I couldn’t wait because it was my first time going to her house.

As soon as we arrived at her house I went to say “hello” and waited in their lounge for lunch. I could could smell the food from in the lounge, it made my mouth water and it also made me more impatient. When my aunt said “foods nearly ready” I was happy and couldn’t wait for the moment to start eating.

As I took the first bit of a samosa I was surprised by the beautiful taste. Then I took a spoonful of curry chicken and rice. I was very satisfied by the food that I think I went back and had another two plates of food.

After a nice lunch my family and I watched a bit of T.V then not long after we got ready to go home. I hopped in the car with a big smile on my face. As we drove out of their driveway my family happily said goodbye and waved.

I had enjoyed my time at my aunt’s house, and there's no doubt that I want to go again!

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  1. hey Kingston,
    What a cool story about having lunch at your auntie's house. Samosa sound nice to eat. Hope you write more about what you did in the weekend so I can read it. keep the good work up.



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