Friday, August 24, 2012

My Improved Piece Of Writing ( Electronic Badge )

“Yes we’re nearly finished.” Today the year sevens from Pt England went down to Tamaki College for tech (Technology). I was so excited because I knew my group was going to be finishing a badge in electronics.

“Come on guys we have to finish this today.” As my group and I were putting things together I started to get confused because I forgot where the battery clip went. Luckily my group remembered, so we were sweet.

As my group and I came to the finishing point, everyone in it were looking relieved. After all our hard work ( “actually the girls hard work” ) we finally finished the badge in it was ready to fire up. We had great difficulty with making all nine L.E.D lights working.

“Come on, come on” I said, we tried to make the badge work but it just didn’t seem to get working. One light worked and that was not good. But we were still happy, because at least one out of ten worked. When Mr Maholtra marked our badge we got an alright score but it could've been better if all the lights worked.  

I enjoyed making a badge in electronics and can’t wait to see what i’m going to be doing in my next tech class. I have learnt alot of things and picked up some experience and hope I can use that experience in the future!  

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  1. Hey Kingston,

    I really like how you have put quite a lot of vocabulary such as experience and confused. It would have been a lot better if all of your lights worked on your project. I enjoyed reading this and if you keep this up you will do good during the year :).


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