Thursday, August 30, 2012

Family Outing

“Get ready we’re going soon”, my dad said. I was so excited to go to the beach because it was a hot day and I hadn’t been for a swim in ages.

“Aye this doesn't look like the beach”. We had arrived at Sylvia Park to pick up some food to eat at the beach. My family and I had heaps of plans but we all wanted to go to the beach, that was the first plan anyway.

As we approached the beach we didn’t see anyone swimming, but as we reached the sand there was only a few people in the water. It was cold enough that it was windy so I wondered  what it was like it the water. I touched the water and the first thing that went in mind was... “ I AM NOT SWIMMING IN THIS COLD WATER!”

I was really bored sitting on the sand watching people swimming in the water. I couldn’t stand being bored, I was supposed to be having fun, so I had no choice but to dive straight into the cold water. I swam around for abit then I was used to the cold water and in no time I was actually thinking the water was sort of warm.

I had enjoyed going to the beach with my family, and definitely would want to go again!

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  1. Hi Kingston, Great blog about the beach outing. It was a nice day for it. I 'm glad you enjoyed it. It was also nice that your cousin Stevenson and his Mum came too. Keep up the great writing.


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