Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Technology Challenge Part 2

First we will role up three newspapers to make three tubes. Then we will cut one in half and use it for a small tube. After that we will stick one tube to the table and stick the small one to the bottom of the big one. We will also make the last tube stick to the bottom to make two right angles.

As soon as we started to make our marble track it was looking like a dump, because we had just cut lots of paper and tried to stick it together. When our time was coming to an end we were trying to do some finishing touches because our marble track was a failure.


  1. Your tux paint plan is excellent!

  2. Hi Kingston

    I love your new profile picture. You look very handsome. So what went wrong with your teams project? How do you think you could have improved the marble track? Keep up the great work.


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