Monday, May 23, 2011

Swimming Lessons Begin!!

“Oh no Swimming again”. Swimming lessons, are not my favourite sport, but I gave it a go anyway. As we got closer and closer to the pools I was trying to decide what pool to go in the Middle one, or the big one, Miss Garden said we had to choose depending on how confident we felt. I wasn’t really confident but she picked me to go in the big pool anyway.

As soon as I hoped into the big pool I shivered like I was in an ice bath.When I saw my mates jump in the pool, I assumed they will be cold too, but they were fine, they acted like nothing happened at all. I sank down to my shoulders, trying to get used to the water.

“Ok Kingston you need to practice your breathing and keep your legs straight”, I tried following instructions. “Ok off you go”. As I swam to the end of the pool it got more difficult for me because it felt like I was going to sink to the bottom.

"Yay free time boys” I said. As soon as we heard free time we started to get crazy like animals. My friends and I straight away played wrestling. I went under water to pick my friend Darius up then suddenly Aaaa! came out of mouth. I was struggling to do it but I soon became complete.

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