Monday, May 23, 2011

Technology Challenge

As soon as I heard that we were going to do a Technology challenge I got filled with excitement. Seconds later I had gathered my group and got ready.

Our challenge was to make a marble travel from a table to the ground and it had to turn one corner. We had to make it out of 6 pieces of new paper and some cello tape. The time we had to do it in was 10 minutes.

My group was really different to the other groups because we were try to make it go on an angle then make it do a left turn. We had nearly completed the challenge but it couldn’t stand up so we had to keep working on it.

At the end I thought that we had done a good job because we were nearly successful and we had a good structure. I still think we could of done better because we took our time.

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  1. It sounds like you are enjoying this terms topic. The technology challenge sounded like a lot of fun. I liked the way you explained how your group was going to complete the challenge. Well done.


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