Friday, February 17, 2012

Going To Tech

This week on Tuesday the year 7's went to Tamaki College for Tech. The day before it we were told which group we were in. The group's were Food tech, Electronics and Wood works. I am in Food tech.

As soon as we arrived I waited outside for my Tech Teacher to come. A few minutes later the Food Tech people were sent with Mrs Heka to our stations. When we arrived at the door we had to wash our hands and put on a cooking apron.

"Today we are making chocolate cookies" Mrs Heka said. When I heard that I was excited, and couldn't wait to start cooking. First we got put into groups. The group that we were in is the group we were in for the time we are there (9 weeks) .

When we started making the first thing we had to do was to mix all the ingredients together. As soon as they were all together we rolled the mixture into little circles then placed it onto a tray with baking paper. after that we put it in the oven to cook.

The first bite of my cookie tasted like Heaven. At the end of our session I had learnt some things about cooking and can't wait till our next session.


  1. Hi Kingston

    You are so lucky to be able to go to Food Tech at Tamaki College. I hope that you will make some chocolate cookies at home. Thanks for the cookies, they were delicious!

  2. Hey Kingston,

    I'm also in food tech. The cookies were very nice. Hopefully we will make some think nice again. I didn't really like the Apple pie that we made.

    By your good firend,Waata


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