Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who I Am

Fakalofalahiatu my name is Kingston Lagitupu. I have two brothers and one sister.One of my brothers and my sister are twins but they are not identical. Both of my parents come from Niue, but I don't know what village they are from. I live in Panmure and is a huge fan of Rugby. I go to Pt. England Primary school and my mum is also a teacher there too. I am a year seven and I enjoy going to school, because I like playing with my friends. My favorite sports are Rugby and League.

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  1. Fakalofa lahi atu Kingston!

    I enjoyed reading this post. I am from the villages of Alofi and Hakupu. Your dad comes from Avatele and Vaiea. Keep up the great work son.

    Love from Mum xx


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