Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Holidays

In the holidays I went to a program called YouthPride with my brother and cousin, to get out of the house and do something. This program lasted for three weeks it started at 10 and finished at 2. As soon as I started going there I didn't like it. But on the second week I was used to it I even started to like it.

I thing I liked about it was that they gave us a free lunch, it was delicious. My favorite things I liked to do was to shoot hoops and play Volley ball. Sometimes I would just sit down and talk to my friend Starford.

On Thursday(day before last day) we went to the Swimarama Pools and we got to go in for free, all we had to pay for was the Hydro slide. As soon as I touched the water I knew it was going to take while to get used to the water, because it was so cold. At the end of my swim I was shivering.

On the last day of YouthPride I had enjoyed my time there because I got to meet Levi Hawkens and other people. I even got a prize.

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  1. Hi Kingston
    This post was great. This Youth Pride programme sounded really cool, it made me want to go to it. Swimarama Pools sounded cool as well. Keep up the great work Kingston, you are doing great.



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